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Use this video to show and explain two ways of Factory Resetting your Asus Laptop Computer. The first way is from the Desktop and assumes your Operating Sys.. How to Restore an ASUS Laptop to the Factory Settings Step 1. Restart your ASUS laptop and press the F9 key while the computer is booting up. This will open the boot screen. Step 2. Press Y three times when asked if you are sure that you want to restore. The laptop will restore the factory.... This is the most thorough reset (or recovery/reinstall/refresh) option as it replaces the current Windows configuration with a new one. All the contents will be removed, such as accounts, files, settings, ASUS customized software and apps downloaded from Windows Store. This option is designed for the users who want to start with a whole new PC Method 1: Reinstall Windows via Reset this PC in Settings. 1. Type and search [Reset this PC] in the Windows search bar ①, then click [Open] ②. 2. Click [Get started] ③ in Reset this PC section. 3. Select [Remove everything] ④. 4. Click [Change settings] ⑤. 5. Based on your request, select the appropriate settings ⑥, then click [Confirm] ⑦. 6 Alternative way to factory reset ASUS laptop in Windows 7/8/10 Step 1. Launch AOMEI OneKey Recovery software and click OneKey System Recovery. Step 2. Tick the first option: Restore system by using the image file in AOMEI OneKey Recovery partition and click Next. Step 3. Confirm that you want to.

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How to Restore an ASUS Laptop to the Factory Settings

  1. Power on or reboot your Asus device. Press F9 while the computer is booting up. This will open the boot screen. Select Recover Windows to entire HD and press Enter
  2. What's up YouTube, in this video I'm going to show you how to restore your ASUS laptop to factory settings on Windows 8 and 8.1. This method should work on a..
  3. Finally, Click Next to proceed to the process of Factory resetting your laptop. Method 2: Reset by using Built-in Reset Option. Once Factory resetting a computer was a very inefficient and inconvenient process but it was improved in Windows 8. It was also included in Windows 10 with many improvements

No matter for Windows 10 or Windows 8.1/8/7 Asus laptop, to refresh the operating system to its original condition, you can press F9 the moment Asus logo screen shows up when boot computer to enter Asus recovery mode and access Asus recovery partition. Use this key to recover OS will format system partition and erase all the data on it How to factory reset dell laptop - How-To - Laptop computer This document, titled « Restore an Asus Netbook to Factory Settings », is available under the Creative Commons license. Any copy, reuse, or modification of the content should be sufficiently credited to CCM ( ccm.net ) On your Asus laptop, go to the Settings option. Choose Update & Security > Recovery. Then click Reset this PC. Under it, click the Get started option Try resetting your forgotten password for an Asus laptop using factory reset is another option available. However, this is only recommended for users who do not mind losing their device data and files. Step 1: Start the operation

Welcome to my channel...Now start uploding computer konwledge and videos of nature.All video will help you hard ware and soft ware problem of computer.I used.. Factory Reset ASUS Laptop Windows 7/8/10 from Boot. When you don't have the password to to the laptop, this method works perfectly for you. Here, we will take Windows 10 as example. Step 1: Start your ASUS laptop. Click on the Power button in the lower right corner when the screen shows up 2. Factory Reset. One of the easiest ways of unlocking Windows laptop is by performing a permanent Factory Reset. While, the step can easily to perform but chuck out all the contents and folders, files will be removed. So to understand how to unlock Asus laptop password, factory reset your Windows 10 using the following methods Way 1: Reset ASUS Windows 8 laptop in the Boot Step 1. Reboot the ASUS laptop, Press F9 when you see the ASUS logo on the screen. Step 2 I received an Asus laptop for christmas, but when I tried to used it I'd often get the bsod. (I think it's likely because of a driver from the drawing tablet I plugged in.) I decided to factory reset it. It was going along fine but got stuck at 64

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To reset your Asus laptop to its factory defaults, you must follow the instructions below: WARNING!! - By restoring your laptop to factory settings, you will LOSE ALL YOUR DATA. Make sure you have backed up all your important information before proceeding. > Turn off the laptop Tried to reset laptop without backup. Now locked out. Inherited a older Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista how do i reset the password: Tried to reset laptop, and now it won't work. ASUS Laptop stuck in bootup loop after hard reset. My asus laptop won't start win 10 after a reset: How to factor reset a acre aspire laptop: Trying to factory reset.

How to Factory Reset ASUS Laptop with ASUS System Recovery

  1. Find all information about Factory Reset Laptop. Keep updated about Factory Reset Laptop
  2. While in Safe Mode, open the prompt by typing 'cmd' within the run box or Start menu. Type the subsequent text in Command Prompt; rstui.exe then press Enter. this is often a System Restore command which can open a wizard immediately. Follow the instructions to reset your ASUS laptop. Part 2: Factory Reset ASUS Laptop via Default Reset Optio
  3. The Asus Netbook possesses a very simple and quick to use restore utility. Restoration is available through a recovery partition, or from the recovery DVD that includes a utility for drivers (external DVD drive will be required). One part will be devoted to restoring from a USB key, for those who no longer have the recovery partition or external.
  4. Your Laptop can be restored to its factory settings if any of these following ways are applicable: A recovery partition is installed on your computer. Also, This recovery partition is usually installed by your PC manufacturer and can be used to restore a computer. A set of recovery discs are available for your Laptop
  5. If the computer is properly installed: 1. Click on Windows logo 2. Click Settings 3. Go to Update & security 4. Click Recovery on the left 5. Click Get started on Reset this PC 6. Here is the different part if your system is properly installed: yo..
  6. Push F9 when you boot your notebook (when you see the Asus logo) then you should acess the reinstallation utility When you have done the installation, you should update your notebook to the latest drivers. Get rid off all bloatware that you don't need

How to Factory Reset Asus Laptop Windows 10 - YouTub

Plug-in a blank CD, DVD, or a USB flash drive to your computer. Select the drive in the software and click on Burn. Boot your faulty ASUS computer from the newly created drive. Click on Windows Rescue at the top and select Crash before loading bar from the left sidebar Hi, i have recently upgraded my ASUS F555LP to windows 10, but the update gave me problems, so i decided to restore the laptop to out of the box conditions. When i try to press f9 to restore it, it show me a recovery enviroment that is not of the asus but it seems of windows 10, like if the system doesn't recognize the recovery partition of asus anymore Finally, tap on Reset to complete the factory reset process in Asus laptop. It will take several minutes to complete the factory recovery process successfully and remove the unnecessary applications. Windows Restore Point. Restart your system and press F8 from the keyboard immediately after seeing the Asus logo I factory reset my laptop after my son hijacked it and downloaded a bunch of games. It seemed to be going fine but when it was finished it shut off and when I turn it on the logo appears on a black screen with the spinning circle and it won't do anything else How to Factory Reset an Asus Laptop . Performing a factory reset of an Asus laptop will reinstall Windows and return settings to their default state. A factory reset is often the last resort when troubleshooting a persistent problem with the computer. It's also essential if you want to sell or gift a laptop

> Press the F9key as soon as the Asus logo appears. (This will give you access to the hidden partition). > On the Windows Boot Managerscreen, choose your preferred language and click Next. > Follow.. Select the required partition, click on the Next button and then click on the Recover button to start the process. Factory reset Asus laptop Windows 8/10 without password: Step 1. Press the Shift button on your keyboard and click the restart button on your screen with your mouse pointer Finally, Click Next to proceed to the process of Factory resetting your laptop. Method 2: Reset by using Built-in Reset Option; Once Factory resetting a computer was a very inefficient and inconvenient process but it was improved in Windows 8 and was included in Windows 10 with many improvements ASUS Laptop won't start after factory reset: Tried the F8 command on my Toshiba Satellite laptop ro do factory reset but it doesnt work, help !!!!! My laptop frizzed on factory reset for 12 hours need help: Laptop Factory Reset Crisis: Hp laptop powers off only during factory reset: Hp pavilion laptop running windows 10 turns on and off after. Have you tried this one: Factory Reset Press Menu on the monitor to open the Monitor Setup window, then press Menu again. Press the down arrow button to highlight Factory Reset, then press the right or left arrow button to select Yes. Pres..

How to Factory Reset Asus Laptop with/without Password

Way 3: Reset Asus laptop to factory settings without the password If you choose to reset your Asus laptop to factory settings, all of the data including the settings, and Apps you installed on it will be erased, make sure you have made a backup for the laptop, especially find out and store the product keys for the software you need to reinstall on your laptop and need to activate it after. Dell, HP, and ASUS laptop factory reset got stuck - This problem can affect various laptops. If you are the unlucky victim, you can try removing your device's battery. Insert it again, then resume the factory reset process. Computer's factory reset got stuck - If this happens to you, you can try using the Startup Repair feature to. › [Solved] asus laptop factory reset › Asus laptop factory retore to wipe the unit clean. › How do I factory reset my toshiba laptop › [Solved] i need to reset my asus laptop windows 7 to a factory reset › asus factory reset netbook without disk › Lenovo laptop Onekey not working cant do factory reset › Factory Reset on Upgraded. Finally, Click Next to proceed to the process of Factory resetting your laptop. Method 2: Reset by using Built-in Reset Option. Once Factory resetting a computer was a very inefficient and inconvenient process but it was improved in Windows 8 and was included in Windows 10 with many improvements Mar 25, 2010. 19,091. 207. 116,550. 7,119. Jul 26, 2017. #2. https /www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1GGRV_enUS754US754&q=asus+q534u+factory+reset&oq=asus+q534u+factory+reset&gs_l=psy-ab.3..33i21k1.1530.3574..3698.14.12.....357.1533.0j3j3j1.7........1.1.64.psy-ab..7.7.1532...0j33i160k1.4nMlx-lRrdA

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First you need to restart your Asus laptop while holding the SHIFT button on your keyboard. You can also go to Settings and then choose Update & Security. Click on Recovery and then select Reset, then click on Get Started. 2 I just factory reset my Asus laptop. It was taking a long time so I went to sleep and let it do its thing overnight. In the morning, I went and turned the computer. It gave me the usual 3 options (Shut down, start windows, or start some recovery thing). I chose to start windows Reset Asus Laptop Password with WinGeeker Tool . If you are not a computer expert then obviously the above methods will be inconvenient. However, we are saving the best method in this part where we will use TubesBro WinGeeker to reset your Asus laptop password Steps: Step 1: When you boot your machine, on the logon screen, click the Power icon on the bottom-right of the screen. Step 2: If you held Shift while clicking restart in the last step, the computer will restart and display the Reset... Step 3: Hit Reset to begin the operation. Factory. My laptop started playing up a couple of days ago so I decided to delete everything and so I could do a factory reset. But no i cant because there is no space! There is no pictures no videos no music nothing on it I have even figured out how to delete paint 3d and all the other crap that I don't need but the're is only 1gb available

Asus Transformer Pad TF300 - How to Reset Back to Factory

ASUS Laptop Factory Reset - Son forgot password So my son is locked out of his old Windows 10 laptop. It is an ASUS e403s running Windows 10. I don't know which version of windows 10 it is licensed for currently, so I don't want to simply just reinstall windows using USB asus laptop factory reset. This option deletes all partitions from your hard drive factory reset on an asus laptop. This option deletes all partitions from your hard disk drive and creates a new system partition as drive C.Recover Windows to entire HD with two partitions If you want to factory reset Asus laptop without password on Windows 10/8, follow steps below. Step 1. Power on computer, keep pressing Shift key and click Restart on Windows sign-in screen to enter the Advanced Startup Options. Step 2 2.3. Reset Password on Asus Laptop by Factory Reset (Data Loss) This method will help if you forget your password and can't log in to your Asus laptop. You can easily do a factory reset without into your Asus laptop. Just follow the steps given below: Step 1. Turn on your laptop and go to the screen on Microsoft Windows 10

Sounds like you did a factory reset and the required device drivers are missing for your operating system. In the mean time you can plug in a mouse. To fix this issue you will need to install the device drivers from the Asus Support. You can find this via a Google search. You need to search the asus website with the model number of the laptop

Unlock Asus Laptop Password with Password Reset Disk This is another fascinating means of accessing an Asus laptop that has locked you out due to password inconsistencies. Although a great deal of people do not know how to unlock Asus laptop without password, a reset disk is one thing that can do the trick for them

ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7(ME173) wipe data(factory reset) system

Reset Asus PC to Factory Settings with or without

2 Reset ASUS Windows 8 Password. Plug the USB drive into a USB port of your locked ASUS Windows 8 laptop, or put the CD in the optical drive if you've created a Live CD. Turn on the computer and immediately press the F2, or Delete key repeatedly until the UEFI (BIOS) Setup screen appears Probably a stupid yet simple question to answer. How do I factory reset my G752VS to do a clean install of windows 10? I don't seem to get any options when rebooting Mind you, it's not exactly 'critical' as the system works fine (minus the FreeSync)... but in the absence of Factory reset or access to Asus original drivers (which they don't have), I wouldn't be able to RMA the laptop it would seem (as my circumstances have somewhat changed rather rapidly over the past week, and I considered returning the laptop to get a refund for now - not because the. Reset your PC to reinstall Windows but delete your files, settings, and apps—except for the apps that came with your PC. Restore your PC to undo recent system changes you've made. If you're having trouble starting (booting) your PC, see Windows Startup Settings (including safe mode) , and go to the Get to Windows Startup Settings in the Windows Recovery Environment section

Click on the box next to Yes, reformat hard drive and restore system software to factory condition. Click Next to continue. Wait for the factory restoration process to complete, and then click on the Finish button to complete the system restore process Factory Reset / Hard Reset Asus Zenfone 2 ZE550ML Step 1, Note - We recommend you to get full back up.. Take your phone and switch off it by pressing power key - please wait until vibrate or Ring Now press the Power button + Volume Up button+Home at the same time until android logo or Asus logo appears. After pressing that, you should have below recovery screen and you can access the phone. hello guys.. just need some help here.. I want to reset my laptop back to factory settings.. I did this . Resart notebook PC then press F9 during POST. 2. Wait for windows to load the Choose an option screen then tap Troubleshoot. 3. Tap Reset your PC. 4. In the Reset your PC screen, read the bullet pionts to learn more about using this option then tap Next..

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Phones Laptops Desktops Motherboards If you are a registered ASUS Member already, please use your ASUS Member's ID (Email) Hit F9 on POST and it will open the Factory Recovery partition. Follow the prompts. 07-14-2013 04:19 PM #5. pcputer Turn on your machine and press the F2 key before logging into current operating system, until you reach the Setup Utility, which allows access to the bios options, including Boost Booster. 2. Using the arrow keys, move to the Boot tab, then click the Boot Booster option. Press the Enter key, then turn the option to Disabled Turn on your ASUS laptop. Click on the Power icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Press the Shift key when you choose the Restart option. 2

Power on or reboot the ASUS laptop. When the ASUS logo screen appears, press F9 to access the hidden partition. Step 2. Press Enter when Windows Boot Manager appears. Choose your language from the options and click Next. Related Reading: How to Reformat an Asus Laptop. Step 3. Review the on-screen messages and then click Next This is very easy these days assuming your Asus laptop has Windows 10 or 8.1. First you hold the shift key and hot restart in the Windows power down menu, kkep holding the shift key until a blue screen with advanced options comes up. Now you either Refresh(keeps files) or Reset which would be your factory reset equivalent Tip: Before factory reset, you had better first back up the important data stored on your laptop since restoring factory setting will delete all the user data and programs you have downloaded since you got your laptop. To back up your computer, we advise you to use MiniTool ShadowMaker. Here is a useful article: How to Backup Computer to External Hard Drive in Windows 10/8/7 Asus factory reset Hi,in asus x550l,factory reset do it ask for product key?as it is not underneath the laptop. thanks: Installation & Setup: Asus X55A Laptop - Reset to Factory or Clean Windows Home 7 Install? Hello All My friend has an Asus X55A laptop that her son used and abused

The factory reset is mainly for C drive. The process of the factory reset is this: Reformat the C drive - Restore the system with a backup - Restart after restore; Basically, after doing a factory reset, the laptop will completely remove all post-installed programs, applications, games or personal documents, pictures, music or movies off from the machine. As a result, some of the data will be overwritten Solve Windows 10 factory reset failure problem by rolling back to previous OS and updating to Windows 10 again This might be a little bit time consuming but it does work for those Windows users who are using legal copy of Windows Insert the bootable USB stick into the target computer that needs to be reset. Power on the machine and enter into its BIOS system. Choose to boot from the bootable USB drive and boot the computer up. When the PC starts up, the built-in MiniTool Partition Wizard should open by itself If you do a Reset this PC on that PC, will it reset to the factory state? Asking for future reference. I think it should, but I have never used the function, so can't say for certain. Hello im having a problem with my ASUS Laptop K401U Boot your locked ASUS laptop from the CD/USB drive and you can reset the administrator password easily. Just follow these simple instructions: To get started, download the .zip archive of Windows Password Reset utility which contains a bootable ISO image

windows button --> power button --> click reboot button with shift. you can find asus recovery setting if recovery patition is still exist Tried to reset my Asus Laptop, There was a problem resetting your PC Bortle. Posts : 2. Windows 10 New 28 Feb 2017 #1. Tried to reset my Asus Laptop, There was a problem resetting your P

Asus Laptop W10 factory reset, Don't have password

  1. This article provides the best ASUS data recovery software and other two to help you recover deleted or lost ASUS data from hard drive partition, USB or SD card, etc devices in simple steps. Follow to see how to perform ASUS data recovery and restore lost data now
  2. If you want to reset your ASUS laptop to factory setting without password just follow the simple steps given below: Step 1: Hold down the Shift key on the logic screen and click on the Power icon and then pressing on Restart as... Step 2: After completing the above step you will see a blue.
  3. The Reset Your PC feature in Windows 10 restores your PC to its factory default settings, including all that bloatware your PC manufacturer included. But the new Fresh Start feature in Windows 10's Creators Update makes it much easier to get a clean Windows system
  4. My laptop was being very slow, to the point where i simply couldn't open two applications at once. I decided to factory Reset the whole thing, i've done this previously on other laptops so i didn't see the problem. After the reset i closed down the laptop and left it for a few weeks. I tried to... - Asus X555LA-SI30504
  5. I'm currently using an Asus X42JY and it fails to startup, windows cant repair the problem so I've been trying to restore the computer to its factory settings. I didn't make a restore point when i first got the laptop nor do i have a recovery disk, I've been trying to access the hidden partition using the F9 key on the boot up

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It was so loaded with spyware and who knows what else that I had no other choice but to reset it to the factory set-up. Asus allows users to do this by hitting F9 and then following the prompts. For the most part the reset worked pretty well but the PC is still a bit sluggish in my opinion I want to reset my Asus laptop to its factory settings, like exactly how it was when I first bought it. The laptop has many unnecessary junk in the system and I just want to reset it without losing the Windows 7 and its drivers. And I don't remember getting any partition disk with it, I might be wrong and if I am, what should I do

How to Factory Reset ASUS EeeBook X205TA - infofug

#1 - You do not need a recovery disk to perform this procedure. It is using the ASUS factory recovery partition to reset your computer to original factory conditions, in other words, the same state as when you got the computer. #2 - Refresh from within Windows will refresh windows erasing all programs but keep your data. Reset will remove everything Asus Recovery Partition is a hidden partition contains pre-load Windows operating system to restore computer to its factory settings in Asus desktop or All-in-one PCs. You could press F9 when booting to reset your PC if system crashed To reset Administrator password or any other user password, just select a Windows 10 operating system (if you have more than one OS installed on your ASUS machine), and highlight the account name, and then click on the Reset button

How to Use Asus Recovery Key to Restore System When It Fails

Asus X55A Laptop - Reset to Factory or Clean Windows Home 7 Install? Hello All My friend has an Asus X55A laptop that her son used and abused. It was so loaded with spyware and who knows what else that I had no other choice but to reset it to the factory set-up. Asus allows users to do this by hitting F9 and then following the prompts How to Factory Reset a Surface Pro, Book, or Laptop Now that you know what a factory reset affects and have prepared your system for the process, it's time to actually perform the reset. The option to reset your Surface device is hidden within the Windows 10 Settings app Doing so will reset your keyboard laptop. You can now delete the language you added. You can also click Options and check if US QWERTY is available under Keyboards. If nothing else works, use an external keyboard until you find a permanent solution to your problem Select Reset Your PC. Click Remove everything. After your computer reboots, click Just remove my files. Click Reset. How do I reset my Asus laptop to factory settings? Power on or reboot the ASUS laptop. When the ASUS logo screen appears, press F9 to access the hidden partition. Press Enter when Windows Boot Manager appears

How to recover Chrome OS to its original factory state

1. First, you need to start or reboot your computer and then hit the F key or a combination of keys during the startup... 2. Instructions should appear on your screen with information on how to reset your device. You'll confirm that you wish... 3. From there, your laptop should be reset to its. Hard Reset. A hard reset (also known as a factory reset) will clear all data and settings from the memory of the device and set it back to factory default settings. You can perform hard reset on the Asus Transformer Pad using the Android OS menus or the hardware buttons. Method 1. Power the Eee Pad off Samsung laptop factory settings. To reset a laptop of this brand to the factory settings, you need to find the Samsung Recovery Solution utility in the list of programs. If the application is not installed, you can download it on the manufacturer's official website. An alternative option is to run the preinstalled utility In general, experienced users know that whether they can recover data after restoring laptop to factory settings depends on how the factory restore was done and what they have done after the reset. Indeed, no one can ensure you that he can help you recover data after factory reset for 100%

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If you only realize the importance of backup after the factory reset was done, you must want to recover files after factory reset. On this occasion, you should not ask questions like can you recover files after restoring to factory settings; instead, you should try MiniTool Power Data Recovery because it offers excellent performance as well as simple operations Insert the USB flash drive you created in step 1 into locked ASUS computer that you want to reset the lost Windows 7 password, turn on it. When a message Press [key] to enter BIOS or something similar displays on the screen in the process of computer starting, quickly press the corresponding key (it should be F2 , DELETE , or F10 ), and the computer will bring you into the BIOS screen I have a problem with my Laptop. It has Windows 7 and im trying to restore to the factory settings. The problem is that the recovery CD that came with the computer is corrupt. When i try to use the F9 key (hotkey from Asus) it only give the options of System Restore and System Restore from windows image Hi. I'm trying to reset my ROG gaming laptop, and I press f9 when the asus screen comes up. (I literally only get 0.2 seconds to do that because the startup process is that quick), but it doesn't work. Nothing happens. Tried about 10 times now but no luck. Is there another way to factory reset or get in that specific menu? Thanks in advance

This is a guide about Asus recovery disks for the following versions of Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. A recovery disk is also known as a restore disc, repair disc, boot disc or rescue disk. Looking for a recovery disk for Asus? Download Easy Recovery Essentials (our recovery and repair [ Alright, so my ASUS laptop has been getting a little slow lately, so I decided to reinstall. Now I know my PC has an ASUS recovery partition, which reïnstalls the pc with all the tools, drivers etc, since I've used it before. But now when I restart the computer and press F9 and reset, it doesn't work. This is what I do

How to Factory Reset Asus Laptop Windows 8/10 without

Insert a blank USB device onto the computer, hit the USB device button to begin creating a password reset disk for ASUS Windows 8 system. After the creating process is completed, pull the disk out of the machine and insert into locked ASUS computer Perform Factory Reset Asus Laptop on Windows 10. Computer will not boot after performing a factory reset. The instructions for performing a factory reset shipped with your computer, in the user manual. The page appears to be providing accurate, safe information. All of the recovery files are still present as well as the eSupport files Asus laptop loop restart So I recently got an Asus SonicMaster and while it was updating my laptop died. (Yes I had it plugged in, but not all the way I guess) When I plugged it back in, I turned it on and it went to the blue update screen (where it says percentage of update) then restarted back to the power on logo (Asus in search of incredible logo) Hard Reset Lenovo Laptop to factory settings without password. When your Lenovo laptop was attacked by virus unfortunately, broken down or get to blue/black screen, you can do nothing with it, unless reinstall the system or hard reset your PC to factory settings how to factory reset asus laptop windows 10. Click Update & security. Click Recovery then select Reset this PC. laptop for graphic design. Click Get started. Click Restore factory settings. 1. 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. 1. Posted by 16 hours ago. how to use f keys on hp laptop

Video: 2 Ways to Reset Password on Asus Laptop without Dis

Factory Reset Windows 7 in Asus laptop - YouTub

  1. In case you need to reset the modem or your ASUS router, you have few options. As other available devices provide only a factory reset button, while ASUS provides one additional web-based option also. This way, you can reset your router from your comfortable point of location
  2. When you restart your Asus laptop, the created USB reset recovery will be loaded during initialization. You can clearly see the program with a graphics interface on your locked computer. Select the user account which you want to reset and select Reset Password
  3. How to Reset ASUS Laptop to Factory Settings without Passwor
  4. How to Reset Asus Laptop Password with or without Reset Dis
  5. [SOLVED] How Do I Factory Reset My ASUS Windows 8 Lapto
Hard reset hp stream notebook to factory settings[SOLVED] Reset Windows 10/8How to Get Rid of Your Old TabletWindows 10 - How to reset the system and keep my personalAsus ROG G20 Special Edition: gaming mini-PC with GeForceLenovo B50-30 laptop , see pics for full spec | in
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