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than imported by Hong Kong and re-exported. Re-exports generate economic activity contributing to GDP for the Hong Kong economy. There is a value-adding marketing service provided even though the process of re-exporting of goods does not involve the transformation of merchandise. The value of this service is accounted for and referred to here as the re-export markup. It is the difference between the import unit value and the re-export unit value US Re-Export Authorization Required For Hong Kong Exports. While there is no change to Hong Kong law governing import and export control of strategic commodities, applicants are frequently required to provide demonstration of foreign export control law authorizations when applying for Hong Kong licenses. In light of BIS' final rule, traders.

Trade Compliance Update: New Rules for Exporting and Re-Exporting to and from Hong Kong The U.S. Commerce Department, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) published a rule on January 19, 2017, amending the supporting documentation requirements for items being exported or re-exported to Hong Kong, and re-exports from Hong Kong Net of customs, insurance, and freight charges, re-exports of Chinese goods are much more expensive when they leave Hong Kong than when they enter. Hong Kong markups on re-exports of Chinese goods are higher for differentiated products, products with higher variance in export prices, products sent to China for further processing, and products shipped to countries which have less trade with China Hong Kong handles a large amount of offshore trade, estimated by the Hong Kong government to have a value of US$623 billion (HK$4,827 billion) in 2018, an increase of 8.3% over 2017. In comparison, re-exports amounted to US$530 billion (HK$4,112 billion) in 2018, up 7.3% over 2017 LCQ5: Hong Kong's export and re-export trade ***** Following is a question by the Hon Hui Cheung-ching and a reply by the Secretary for Trade and Industry, Mr CHAU Tak Hay, in the Legislative Council today (Wednesday)

Merchandise trade re-exported via Hong Kong was placed on a direct trade basis, where the country of origin exports directly to the final destination. This direct bilateral trade, excluding the re-import margin, is added to existing bilateral trade. The re-export margin is exported from Hong Kong 2Hong Kong also intermediates exports to China. In 1996, re-exports by Hong Kong accounted for 47% of China's total imports (Sung, 1997). We focus on Hong Kong's re-exports of Chinese goods (rather than on Hong Kong re-exports to China) since we have detailed data on Chinese exports (but not on exports from other countries bound for China) Hong Kong has an export oriented economy with 99 percent of shipments coming from re-exports. Major exports are electrical machinery, apparatus and appliances which accounts for 36 percent of total shipments (b) Re-exportsfrom Hong Kong: The re-exporters in Hong Kong, prior toexports or re-exports of a U.S.-origin item under a U.S. licence or a licence exception, need to obtain a valid Hong Kong export licence authorising exports from Hong Kong, or a copy of a written statement issued by the HKSARG stating that such a licence is not required Hong Kong Best Practices. Hong Kong has promulgated a set of Best Practices and BIS encourages you to ensure that your company, as well as all of the parties in the transaction chain, adheres to best practices. Your Hong Kong consignees may commit a violation of Hong Kong export controls if they fail to follow Hong Kong's best practices

Starting from 9 November 2017, wines re-exported from Hong Kong enjoy instant Customs clearance at all 42 Customs districts of the Mainland under the Customs Facilitation Measures for Wine Entering the Mainland through Hong Kong (the Facilitation Measures) Hong Kong serves as a major alcoholic beverage trading hub for re-exports to other Asian markets such as Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, Vietnam and Japan. About 37% of the imported wines were re-exported in 2017 (Source: Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Wine Industry in Hong Kong, 6 September 2018) In value terms, re-exports from China going through Hong Kong SAR to the US increased from USD 36.5 billion in 2000 to 40.4 billion in 2007. In 2019 they were equal to USD 30.0 billion only. The share of re-exports by Hong Kong SAR of Chinese-origin goods in total American imports (taking the direct and indirect route through Hong Kong) from China mainland is falling

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This page is a presenting key statistics of Hong Kong external merchandise trade. In 2019, Hong Kong's Position in World Merchandise Trade in terms of. Exports; Imports; Total Trade; Hong Kong External Merchandise Trade. In past 10 years (2010 - 2019) In past 24 Months (March 2019 - February 2021) Hong Kong's Domestic Exports in 2019. By Main Destinatio Hong Kong Merchandise Trade Statistics - Domestic Exports and Re-exports. This publication is published monthly in two separate volumes, namely 'Imports', and 'Domestic Exports and Re-exports'. It contains a detailed breakdown of monthly and year-to-date figures by commodity item and of each commodity item by country/territory

Fresh fruit re-export value in Hong Kong 2013-2017; Fresh fruit import volume in Hong Kong 2017, by country of origin; Import value share of fresh fruits re-exported from Hong Kong 2013-201 The majority of these items are ultimately destined for other markets in Asia and around the World. In 2013 the value of goods re-exported by Hong Kong was 86% of the value of goods that it.

Hong Kong is a big exporter of processed food and beverages, in 2018, it exported food and beverages for a total value of HKD 69.3 billion where mainland China accounted for 41% and Vietnam for 20%. With that said, it's also a large importer of food and beverage products For comparison, Hong Kong's total exports amounted to US$533 billion, of which around US$39 billion was exported to the US in 2018, according to the Census Department of Hong Kong The top export opportunities for Hong Kong according to the relatedness index, are Vacuum Flask (0.37), Rubber Thread (0.32), LCDs (0.31), Silk Waste (0.31), and Inorganic Compounds (0.3). Relatedness measures the distance between a country's current exports and each product. The barchart show only products that Hong Kong is not specialized in US goods and services trade with Hong Kong totalled US$66.9bn in 2018, exports to Hong Kong were valued at US$50.1bn, while imports from the region stood much lower at US$16.8bn. It could also harm the 1,300 US firms operating in the region The US tech sanctions on Hong Kong would greatly hammer the city's re-export business of hi-tech products to other countries such as mainland China Francis Fong Po-kiu According to the US Bureau of..

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If this amendment is adopted, and Hong Kong becomes a D:1 country rather than an A:1-like country, NS controlled items would require a license for re-export to Hong Kong. Additonally, the termination of Hong Kong's A:1-like status would result in license requirements for other items re-exported from Wassenaar member states Re-exports disguise Hong Kong's gloomy outlook Mainland companies sell goods at near cost to local affiliates and then re-export them at marked up prices Tom Hollan exporting, re -exporting or transferring military or dual -use items to the territory of Hong Kong. What are the primary impacts of these announcements? 1. U.S. State Department Announcement . According to the State Department announcement, they will no longer grant licenses for export of U .S. origin defense equipment to Hong Kong Rather than being a direct trading center, Hong Kong mainly serves as a re-export hub for merchandise trade between the Chinese mainland and the rest of the world - Hong Kong's home-made exports was only 1.2 percent of its total outbound shipments (including re-exports) in 2019 Hong Kong is a less restricted destination than the PRC under the EAR, and accordingly the Administration's statement raises the prospect of substantially heightened restrictions on exports and re-exports of goods, software and technology to Hong Kong (as with any other Chinese destination). 1 It remains to be seen, however, how this policy will be implemented

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  1. Hong Kong importers may require evidence of compliance with U.S. export control laws in order to obtain the necessary Hong Kong import or export licenses. When accepting orders from Hong Kong customers, it is a good idea to make sure your client knows the U.S. Export Control Classification Number of all control list items in the order, so that they can apply for necessary Hong Kong licenses
  2. Today the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) announced that it is suspending license exceptions for exports, re-exports, or transfers to or within Hong Kong that provide differential treatment than license exceptions available for shipments to mainland China. In other words, if a license exception is not available for shipments to China, then it can no longer be used for shipments to Hong Kong
  3. istration Regulation (EAR) to the extent they provided differential treatment as compared to those available for the PRC
  4. ated by imported brands, however, a large share of foreign beauty products are re-exported from Hong Kong. In 2016, Hong Kong re-exported.
  5. US re-export authorization required for certain Hong Kong exports. New TID circular states that Hong Kong export licenses approved on the basis of License Exception CIV will no longer be.
  6. But Edward Yau, Hong Kong's secretary of commerce and economic development, said in an interview in his office in Hong Kong last year that the city has very tight controls on any re-export of.

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關於申請入口再轉口(不提取重櫃) - Inbound Re-export 之程序 為了使過程順利完成,請參閱以下的步驟: 1. Re-exporting has become the largest component of Hong Kong's trade since the early 1980s, when its large and labor-intensive industries began to move to mainland China. For example, between 1986 and 1996, the volume of re-exports and domestic exports rose by about 700 percent and 17.3 percent, respectively

LCQ5: Hong Kong's export and re-export trad

  1. Hong Kong's traditional advantage in transshipment will cease to be a specific advantage. Hong Kong's relationship with the United States Hong Kong's trading with the US is essentially a re-export center, albeit a very powerful one, especially when considering the low or potentially zero corporate tax for offshore transactions
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  3. Taiwan's Export: Include Re Export: Hong Kong data was reported at 104,104.383 NTD mn in Feb 2021. This records a decrease from the previous number of 140,448.230 NTD mn for Jan 2021. Taiwan's Export: Include Re Export: Hong Kong data is updated monthly, averaging 97,485.000 NTD mn from Jan 1998 to Feb 2021, with 278 observations. The data reached an all-time high of 142,959.622 NTD mn in.
  4. If you're registered for VAT in the UK, it may be possible to zero-rate the goods you export to Hong Kong, provided certain conditions are met. Taxes. There is no sales tax in Hong Kong. It has one of the lowest tax rates, and simplest tax structures, in the world. There are only 3 direct taxes: on profits, salaries and property

Here is a teaser for you. Why should people in China want to export goods abroad by first shipping them to Hong Kong and then shipping them on unchanged as re-exports to their final destination As of 2008, Hong Kong's export partners included the following nations: China 48.5%. US 12.8%. Japan 4.3%. EU 8.0%. Hong Kong Imports: Commodities. The following are the major import commodities of Hong Kong: Raw materials and semi-manufactures. Consumer goods. Capital goods. Foodstuffs. Fuel (most is re-exported) Hong Kong Imports: Partner The Export (Certificates of Origin) Regulations of the Import and Export Ordinance (Cap. 60) empower the Director-General of Trade and Industry to issue Certificates of Origin in accordance with the stipulated Rules of Origin for any items manufactured, processed or produced in Hong Kong and have been or are about to be exported from Hong Kong

Hong Kong handles a good portion of Mainland China's external trade. In 2018, about 12.1% of the Mainland's exports (valued at US$301 billion) and 13.8% of imports (US$291 billion) were handled via Hong Kong and 57% of Hong Kong's re-exports were originated from the Mainland. Industry Dat HONG KONG MONETARY AUTHORITY QUARTERLY BULLETIN MARCH 2007 21 Hong Kong's trade patterns and trade elasticities As an entrepôt for the Mainland, Hong Kong has a complicated pattern of re-export trade unlike most other economies. Partly because of this, there has not been adequate study of the effect of movements in exchange rates on trade.

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The rollback of favorable treatment could have a significant impact on multinational companies that had been using Hong Kong as a base instead of China, will add a number of new license requirements for exports, re-exports, and transfers previously authorized by License Exceptions available to Hong Kong but not China, and could have even further impacts on export license requirements going. EXPORT CERTIFICATE . for the Re-entry of Hong Kong Resident Horses (5) into Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of People 's Republic of China - All the pages must be completed in English (1) and must travel with the horse. Please tick the appropriate box to indicate the option chosen The Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation (ECIC) issues insurance policies that are accepted by banks as useful collateral for trade finance. Around 70 banks in Hong Kong have accepted ECIC policies as useful collateral. Hong Kong-China Free Trade Agreemen In 2018, BIS reviewed 227 export/re-export applications (not including deemed export applications) valued at $286.0 million for Hong Kong, out of a total of 33,844 applications worldwide valued at $81.3 billion. - Approved applications for Hong Kong totaled 164 (72.4% of the total applications) for $203.1 million, compare As a result, existing manufacturing in Hong Kong mainly focuses on the necessary activities for the re-export of goods produced by Hong Kong enterprises in China. Being the largest economic sector even prior to 1997, Hong Kong's service sector has since grown significantly in the fields of trade and transportation

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  1. Hong Kong also maintains an important role serving as a re-export center for seafood products. About 30% of Hong Kong's imported seafood products are re-exported. The largest re-export market is China followed by the U.S., Macau and Vietnam
  2. Hong Kong SAR's Re Exports: from Afghanistan data was reported at 0.177 HKD mn in Sep 2018. This records an increase from the previous number of 0.004 HKD mn for Jul 2018. Hong Kong SAR's Re Exports: from Afghanistan data is updated monthly, averaging 0.658 HKD mn from Apr 2010 to Sep 2018, with 99 observations
  3. Hong Kong matters far less to China's fortunes than it once did, with 12% of the country's exports going to or through Hong Kong last year, compared with 45% in 1992
  4. In accordance with the Import and Export (Registration) Regulations, Chapter 60 and the Industrial Training (Clothing Industry) Ordinance, Chapter 318, Laws of Hong Kong, every person who imports or exports any article other than an exempted article is required to lodge with the Commissioner of Customs and Excise an accurate and complete import/export declaration within 14 days after the.
  5. Hong Kong is an ideal platform for doing business in Asia. Hong Kong is a free port that does not levy any customs tariff and has limited excise duties. Its strong rule of law and respect for property rights make it a strategic platform for U.S. companies, especially small- and medium-sized firms, seeking to do business in the region

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The U.S. Commerce Department's regulations giving preferential treatment to Hong Kong, including export license exceptions, have been suspended, Secretary Wilbur Ross said on Monday Interestingly, some of the Chinese goods are coming from Hong Kong to USA under re-export activities. For this reason sea transportation between Hong Kong Port and American Ports have reached very high volumes Phytosanitary Certificate for Re-Export by the re-exporting place to meet the requirement of the importing place. The ISPM No.7 & No.12* detail the circumstances under which a Phytosanitary Certificate for Re-Export can be applied. To facilitate the exporting trade in Hong Kong, the Agriculture, Fisheries an

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  1. g for submission of a legislative proposal to allow foreign investment funds to re-domicile to Hong Kong for registration as an Open-ended Fund Company
  2. Export Credit Insurance. Of the wide range of policies we offer, the most popular is our Comprehensive Cover Policy, which applies to the export and re-export of goods from Hong Kong, and to the offshore shipments of goods manufactured outside Hong Kong, on credit periods of up to 180 days
  3. We see export as being a critical performance indicator of how well we're running Newstead Brewing. We think this export breakthrough is just the beginning of what will become important part of our business over the next two to five years. Newstead's beers are scheduled to arrive in Hong Kong in the week commencing 15 February
  4. The State Department's Directorate of Defense Trade Controls said that as a result Hong Kong is now treated the same as China under section 126.1(d)(1) of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations and there is a presumption of denial for export license requests where a Hong Kong person is named as an end-user, licensee (signatory), or sublicensee or where Hong Kong appears as a marketing.
  5. Shark fin re-exports from Hong Kong to Macau rose a staggering 62 per cent year-on-year in 2016, up to 143,396 kilos from 88,029 kilos in 2015. This is the first time re-exports to Macau exceeded those to mainland China
  6. Hong Kong's economy contracted by 3.0% year-on-year in real terms in the fourth quarter of 2020, after a fall of 3.6% (year-on-year) in the preceding quarter. For 2020 as a whole, GDP decreased by 6.1% in real terms from 2019. Considering the latest internal and external situations as well as the stimulus effect of the fiscal measures, the real GDP growth forecast for 2021 as a whole is 3.5%.
  7. Entrepôt: A seaport or warehouse where goods are stored until they are shipped. The goods do not face any import or export duties upon shipment from the port or warehouse

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852 Motors Ltd - Hong Kong Car Exporter, Hong Kong, Hong Kong. 627 likes · 45 were here. Brand New Car Exporter Classic Cars Exporter Parallel Importe Such data access request or data correction request should be made in writing and sent to our Compliance Officer by email to data@hkecic.com or by post to Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation, 2/F., Tower 1, South Seas Centre, 75 Mody Road, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong Shipments of items that may no longer be made under No License Required (NLR) as a result of this action and were on dock for loading, on lighter, laden aboard an exporting or transferring carrier, or en route aboard a carrier to a port of export or reexport on December 23, 2020, pursuant to actual orders for export to Hong Kong, reexport to. The products exported to Hong Kong are electronics, electrical appliances, gold, jewelry, machine parts, textiles, fabrics, toys, watches, and clocks. Hong Kong has an export-oriented economy that is heavily based on shipments coming from re-exports. Its main export partners are China, the United States, and the European Union

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Documents Required for Re-export of Waste Plastics via Hong Kong. The Competent Authority of . Plastics . Remarks: The above documents must be submitted to EPD before shipment departs from the place of export. Place of Export the place of export obtain transit consent from EPD Regulated waste plastics Non-regulated waste plastic All exports, re-exports, and transfers of goods, software, and technology (collectively items) that are subject to the Export Control Reform Act and the Export Administration Regulations will be treated identically to items bound for mainland China; specifically, license exceptions that previously were available to exports, re-exports and transfers of items to Hong Kong are revoked

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Regulation: In accordance with the Import and Export (Registration) Regulations, Chapter 60 and the Industrial Training (Clothing Industry) Ordinance, Chapter 318, Laws of Hong Kong, every person who imports or exports any article other than an exempted article is required to lodge with the Commissioner of Customs and Excise an accurate and complete import/export declaration within 14 days. Export Controls on Shipments to Hong Kong Amended Subscribe to daily updates The Bureau of Industry and Security has issued a final rule that, effective Dec. 23, 2020, amended the Export Administration Regulations to specify that Hong Kong will be treated as part of China for export control purposes

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The Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation was established in 1966 under the Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation Ordinance (Chapter 1115). It was created by statute with the aim of encouraging and supporting export trade by providing Hong Kong exporters with insurance protection against non-payment risks arising from commercial and political events Exporters, re-exporters, or transferors (in-country) availing themselves of this 60-day savings clause must maintain documentation demonstrating that the Hong Kong national was hired and provided access to technology eligible for Hong Kong under part 740 prior to June 30, 2020 Under Hong Kong law, Cap. 132AK of Imported Game, Meat, Poultry and Eggs Regulations, meat is defined as the fresh or frozen carcass, flesh or other edible part including edible viscera and offal of an animal, being an animal kept in captivity before slaughter from which beef, mutton, pork, veal, and, lamb is derived. Poultry is defined as: the fresh or frozen carcass of a domestic fowl, duck.

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Hong Kong Trade Last Previous Highest Lowest Unit; Balance of Trade -14699.00-25228.00: 7228.00-59898.00: HKD Millio Hermetically sealed (canned) chicken broth - Hong Kong does not require health certification (FSIS Form 9060-5) for this product. Caution: Exporters should be aware that the product will not be able to move into any other country that requires export certification if the documents are not issued prior to leaving the U.S. Plants Eligible to Export Hong Kong imports around 95% of their seafood stock, and about 30-40% of seafood imported into Hong Kong is re-exported to the other key Asian markets. The culinary hub has an increasing demand for quality seafood, and Australia enjoys an outstanding reputation for its fresh and clean source of supply

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Regulatory Alert Update: U.S. Export Licensing Changes for Hong Kong July 31, 2020 Background On June 29, 2020, the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Commerce Department issued separate exceptions for exports and re-exports to Hong Kong and transfers within Hong Kong of all item Among other things, exporters must now obtain licenses for the export, re-export or transfer to Hong Kong of any item or technology for which a license was/is required for China, even if such item. Another member of the Halifax-Hong Kong Link who travelled to Hong Kong to participate in the 2019 pro-democracy protests, says they're wary of being watched, and never show their face in. The service sector dominates Hong Kong's economy, accounting for over 90 percent of its GDP. The territory is the world's 11th-largest trading entity, and the total value of its imports and exports exceeds its GDP. Hong Kong is also the largest re-export centre in the world. Ocean freight to Hong Kong is a natural step for your business.

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Hong Kong's import and export trading sector exports its services mainly in the form of offshore buying and selling of goods. Given Hong Kong's proximity and the relocation of Hong Kong's manufacturing bases to the mainland, particularly the Pearl River Delta, the Chinese mainland is a major source of offshore trading activities Can Hong Kong Export Its Protest Movement? Plus: Russian missiles headed for Turkey, U.S. immigration raids, and the other stories we're following today. By Audrey Wilso Petexportvet, Tuen Mun. 2,718 likes · 14 talking about this. Hong Kong's only premium pet relocation company owned and operated by a Veterinary Surgeon. For pets on the move and the families that..

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Business Hong Kong: China-US tensions put Asia's financial hub at risk. If Hong Kong's special trade privileges under US law were revoked, it would erode the city's competitiveness as an export. Hong Kong in recent years has been considered a semi-autonomous region of China. Their relationship has been shifting rapidly, however, with China earlier this year moving to impose national security laws on Hong Kong and the U.S. declaring Hong Kong no longer has a high degree of autonomy from China. More stories about Asi We can no longer distinguish between the export of controlled items to Hong Kong or to mainland China. Pompeo added that the US is taking steps to restrict exports to Hong Kong of US defense and. 8000NFG - Pork/Beef/Mutton to Hong Kong (22/01/2021) 1 VETERINARY HEALTH CERTIFICATE/EXPORT DECLARATION FOR THE EXPORT OF PORK/BEEF/MUTTON (MEAT/OFFAL) FROM THE UNITED KINGDOM TO HONG KONG NOTES FOR THE GUIDANCE OF OFFICIAL VETERINARIANS AND EXPORTERS. IMPORTANT. These notes provide guidance to Official Veterinarians (OVs) an Snapshot of Hong Kong. Population and Households empty Population Estimates Demographics Households Poverty Situation Household Expenditures Import/Export and Wholesale Trades Transport Information and Communications Financing, Insurance, Professional and Business Service


Application for a Certificate of Origin - Re-export [Movement Confirmation under Chapter 3 (Rules of Origin) of the ASEAN-Hong Kong, China Free Trade Agreement] The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong Authorized by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to issue Certificates of Origin unde British Overseas Export ( BOE ) is a contemporary fine wine , English Ale and Cider merchant based in Hong Kong. We specialize in sourcing collectible wines, with perfect provenance from around the world, and presenting them to our clients in Hong Kong and Greater China at competitive prices Canada is suspending its extradition treaty with Hong Kong, stopping exports of sensitive military items, and considering new immigration measures in light of sweeping new Chinese security.

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